Ideakillers - an idea could be killed by just one ignorant shrug

New ideas are the most vulnerable at the moment of their birth. An idea could be killed by just one ignorant shrug or a whiff of laughter. Even by silence. Let alone counterarguments.

There is no time. Let’s stay within the bounds of reason. It could work somewhere. We’ll consider it. Who would do that?

These are just some of the reactions to new ideas in an organisation. Although some of them sound quite reasonable and/or benevolent, they are often idea killers, i.e. statements that aim to kill the idea before even discussing it. Because it’s easier this way: there is no need to change, make changes or make an effort.

We put all those ideakillers on one single poster. Place it on the wall in a meeting room or your office , and lessen the effect of idea killers in your team.

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