A  Creative Thinking Studio in the wilderness!

Creativity needs silence. The world is getting louder. But silence is still accessible!

Loovusait (Creativity Barn) was created for your team so that in a world that moves at such a crazy tempo there’d be at least one place where you can get away from it all for a couple of days (or a week?) and focus on solving the challenges you’re facing.

We offer:

  • two respectable old log structures with a studio, café and recreation area – all adapted to provide working space for teams of up to 15 people;
  • an Internet connection and other resources you’ll need for an effective workshop;
  • thinkathon - a unique facilitated 3-4 days workshop;
  • a terrace and other options for working outdoors, plus peace and quiet and an inspiring natural environment (including the deep, dark waters of a bog lake); and of course great food and great coffee.

Studio for digital nomads and remote teams or just for an offsite

It’s a truly unique space: a former craftsman’s farm dating from the 19th century which is set well away from the hustle and bustle of city life but which provides an unparalleled working environment. 

It’s the ideal place for brainstorming with colleagues or clients, planning strategies or applying the final touches to an important project. A complete change of scenery!

We haven’t tried to make the farm perfect – we like the old log walls and rough-around-the-edges finish the way they are. That’s the beauty of them. That’s what makes them real.
The peace and quiet is genuine here, too, as are the surrounding nature and the birdsong accompanying you. All of which really helps focus on your work.
It’s just a great place to be. All of a sudden you’ll find yourself thinking that in fact there’s nowhere you need to be in a hurry; you and your team can simply focus on whatever it is you need to do. Throw yourself into it and you’ll find that success stories follow.


Quality times and tools for effective creative brainstorming

Our aim is to maximise the benefits of your trip here - our packages are designed to get you and your staff learning new skills which could help boost creativity and productivity. 

We have cherry picked activities for your benefits as well as your enjoyment factor. Each is designed to develop skills, motivate and provide long lasting benefits for your team.

 What other opportunities do we offer?

We provide accommodation in two wooden buildings (with space for 16 and 4 people, respectively) and three log cabins (with space for 4 people each). 

If your team are interested, we can stoke up the UNESCO World Heritage-listed smoke sauna or arrange adventure tours and teambuilding games.

This region is wilderness wonderland!

Book guided tour or enjoy swimming, hiking or fishing in wild nature on your own. The surrounding forest is covered by blueberries, lingonberries and various types of edible mushrooms - feel free to fill your buckets. Or meet the curious squirrels who live in the trees around the barn. 

Studies show that enjoying a natural setting — like a forest — can reduce stress level and boost your creativity. So while you are here - take some time to just do nothing :-).