The world is getting louder. But silence and creativity is still accessible! To really focus and look at things from a different angle, you need a complete change of scenery.

For work

Different tasks and situations require different places - we have a lot to choose from! 

We offer: 
  • Two coworking spaces, both situated in more than 100 years old respectable old loghouses. The environment alone sets thoughts in motion and ideas soaring.
  • Several terraces, hammocks, and other options for working outdoors, plus peace and an inspiring natural environment.

For Relaxation

We offer:
  • 10 unique mini-houses. Accommodation in nature-surrounded mini-houses, where you can peacefully be on your own, sleep, or delve into your work. There is room for a total of 14 guests to stay.
  • Of course, the saunas - we love saunas! We have two saunas - one with a deck on the lakeside and the other by the edge of the orchard. The latter also has a hot tub filled with water from the bog.

    Can you already feel the relaxation?