We have 18+ years of expertise in product development and business model innovation

Based on this experience we have developed a unique business workshop for your team - a thinkathon. This is 3 or 4 days lasting hackathon for thinkers and doers. It might have 3 different goals:

I want to innovate my business

Tell us about your biggest challenge and we design a workshop so you and your team can co-create and find meaningful crazy ideas.

Use this workshop to support:

  • Building an Innovation Culture
  • Product, Service or Experience Innovation
  • Process Improvement
  • Any challenge posed by your current environment

I want to plan next 6 months

Vison is crucial, but ideas never come to fruition without a plan. Co-created executable action plan makes your team outstanding.

Use this workshop to support:

  • Product or Service Launch
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Getting Shit Done

I want to prepare my team

Thinking on your feet – a good dose of adrenaline keeps the brain engaged, focused and improves its ability to handle cognitive tasks faster. Give adrenaline a try!

Use this workshop to support:

  • Effective employee onboarding
  • Building an Innovation Culture
  • Team Performance

How we work

Tailor made workshops to design your future business

Over the years, we have helped many businesses to innovate. In almost every case we have seen the struggle between business-as-usual thinking and the need to reinvent for the future. Survival in business over the next decade is not business as usual. Re-inventing the future is not about sitting and talking at the meeting and then leaving the meeting and go back to e-mail. It´s about distraction-free concentration, interacting, going outside, learning, unlearning, relearning, being comfortable with uncertainty and still making decisions.

Out of comfort zone

For the first time since the industrial revolution we live in an era in which the past gives us no clue as to what we must do to secure our future. “It’s always been done like this” is a statement that contains the seeds of total failure. Survival in business over the next decade will depend upon leaders and teams who think entirely differently. We have entered an age of uncertainty and unframing — an age during which we must challenge every assumption we’ve made and think afresh about why things are; how they might change; and therefore, how we achieve what we want.

Start with this short innovation test: in ten years’ time, how much revenue and profit will be demanded to carry your stakeholders with you? To hit that target, what will you be selling, to whom and how?  Remember that Kodak created a digital camera in 1975, but decided it wasn’t for them. Their prevailing business thinking couldn’t imagine a different future. Could You?