48h thinkathon - a hackathon for thinkers

Fast pass

We run intensive hackathons for thinkers (i.e. thinkathons) to help you to solve your business challenges. We will define and validate the challenge together with you and co-create meaningful solutions with your team and/or customers.

We combine thinking tools, creative environment and cherry picked relaxtion activities to support the whole process. 

There is no one fits all approach - all thinkathons are tailor made. 

However - there are always included following elements:

  • 3 productive days - facilitated workshop
  • Unique type of relaxation, close to nature
  • Great local food, endless coffee, sauna
  • Travel & accommodation

Detailed description

Over the years, we have helped many businesses to innovate. In every case we have seen the struggle between business-as-usual thinking and the need to reinvent for the future. 

We apply creative thinking tools in a systematic way, from idea generation to validation and execution. Based on pre-workshop interviews we´ll design your thinkathon so you and your team can co-create and find useful crazy ideas. 

This workshop will enable your team to unlock and build upon each ohter´s ideas. The workshop consists of four sessions – each featuring different strategy to push you or your team out of habitual thought patterns and allow to look at what you're doing in a fresh way:

  • the Observer – understanding the problem,
  • the Inventor – creating new ideas,
  • the Investigator – choosing the best idea,
  • the Implementer – implementing solutions.

In every thinkathon session your team will use a variety of useful tools on observation of clients, ideation, prototyping, validation and decision making. 

The key to this process is being able to look at a problem from different perspectives. This can be challenging, and you may find the process a bit alien. Don't be afraid!

And please remember - not just any team will do. The people on your team must want to be there. Otherwise, they´ll push for business as usual.

What's our secret sauce?

Above else we prioritize distraction-free concentration, tools for effective creative thinking and spending some time in a natural environment - quality time outdoors can help you overcome creative blocks.

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